sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2012


Something just broke. She could almost hear the snap. It's not painful. The spirit is gone, lost & she seriously doubts its coming back. Three words were enough to brake it. The emptiness should be worrying. But its not. There is no feeling at all. Its gone, it broke. Smiles wont come to the surface. Emptiness is taking over. The soul is tired, the mind is sick. Dreams and expectations flee, not wanting to be shattered again. It was supposed to be momentary. Spirit was supposed to hold on, to bend, not to brake. Not a single tear is streaming down the cheeks. No, not this time. The mind broke too. The darkness and loneliness are overwhelming,but there is no mind to notice, no spirit to fight it off. There is just emptiness in her eyes. All the warmth there once existed has been replaced with nothing. Absolute nothing, keeping her prisoner. A noise. Somewhere deep inside, there she is trapped, screaming for help, looking through her eyes as if they were someone else eyes. Trapped inside her broken mind, surrounded by her broken dreams and hopes. She sits in a corner, helpless, abandoned. Where has her spirit gone? She thinks. Is it so broken that there is no way to put it back together?

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