jueves, 5 de febrero de 2015


She misses him greatly. She hasn't seen him in a few days. For her, he is everything. She wakes up exited, she will be seeing him today. She makes sure to have everything ready for him, and works hard so she won't be delayed on her chores. Her heart races as the time goes by. She waits for the precise moment to take a shower so she can be perfect for him. She chooses her clothes wisely, wearing only what she knows he loves. She does her make up and her hair. Just to look pretty for him, because she knows that makes him happy. Time is going slowly, but the hour to meet is getting closer. She is anxious, and wants to light a cigarette but she waits. She turns on the tv trying to distract herself. Of course it doesn't work. She is just too exited to see his eyes and kiss his lips. He promised. He was the one who asked for this meeting. And she is waiting. And the clock is ticking, and she knows nothing, but she keeps waiting. Time has gone by and she decides to light the cigarette. She is nervous that he is not answering her calls. Is something wrong? She wonders. She tries to keep hersef busy, so she starts working on other stuff. But she checks the clock every 5 minutes, and she checks her phone every 10. Time is passing and she is waiting. Waiting for him to knock on the door, for him to give her a hug. She starts to feel lonely, and tries so hard to shake the feeling off her head. He will come. She tells herself. He promised to. She has already finished the pack of cigarettes, and she has fixed her makeup twice.  She is begining to feel forgotten when he calls. Her heart stops when she sees his name on the screen, and she smiles. The most beautiful smile, that is her special smile. She answers, and the smile slowly fades away as she nods. Her eyes fill with tears as she hangs up. He is not coming tonight. And she cries, she cries in silence not letting him know. Never telling him she got ready for him, never explaining that she fixed her makeup twice, and that she checked the clock every five minutes. He was busy, it's not his fault, she tells to herself. But truth is that she feels forgotten, because everytime she needs him, he is just not around. She doesn't want to blame him, she understands he has other responsibilities. But truth is she feels like an obligation, she feels like a bump in his road. She washes her beautiful face and goes to bed thinking, we are stil together. But actually she is feeling alone.